Her Alpha's Last Stand | Chelsea's Alpha Trilogy | Author Robert Warden Her Alpha's Last Stand | Chelsea's Alpha Trilogy | Author Robert Warden
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Her Alpha’s Last Stand

Book 3: Chelsea's Alpha Trilogy

About the Book

Revenge, betrayal, destruction, and death all collide and impact our pack when Royce’s sister comes to town.

Everyone was happy and relieved when Lucien died. But just when one war ends, another one starts. It turns out that Royce is NOT the last of the Callahan Clan of vampires. His sister Chloe is.

She rolls into Charlottesville and immediately declares war on the pack to avenge her brother. But it’s even worse for us this time because Chloe and her army of pale bastards protected themselves from holy water and the destruction of the vampiric germ inside them through dark magic. 

We turn to the Fredericksburg Pack for help but their alpha Dante betrays us through a loophole in the alliance deal that he uses to reject us in our darkest hour. An army of magic-charged vampires and an ally-turned-enemy pack.

What the fuck are we supposed to do now?

Things turn for the better, though, with the help of two unexpected allies! And it’s with their help that my mate and our pack make our last stand against the vampires and stand firm in defending our home and our lives. We fight the enemy together until we achieve the future Tyler and I have long sought for our pack that’s full of happiness and peace. 

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Genres & Tropes
Paranormal Romance, Werewolves, Shapeshifters